Fall Into Books Event 2019

Hey everyone! If you love to read, check this out…a multi-genre gathering of authors and their BOOKS! You’ll find us at the Museum of Visual Materials, 500 North Main Ave, in Sioux Falls, SD. The event takes place on November 9th, from Noon to 4 p.m.


Here’s a brief intro for those of you who haven’t delved into my thrillers…yet!

Introducing the MAIN MAN, the HERO of my thriller series. He’s a handsome, dangerous bad boy – the stuff of women’s dreams. But for America’s terrorist enemies, he’s a death dealing nightmare. It’s a high-octane ride for Iranian-American FBI agent Rowan Milani, doubling as the President’s secret terrorist assassin. Until…

Rowan is portrayed on the cover of each of my thrillers by Nicholas Guilak, a talented actor, producer and screen writer. We are collaborating (fingers crossed!) on feature films or a series. You’ll want to check out his website!

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