In A Flash

Yep, that was summer. Here and gone, in a flash – of heat, humidity, glorious clouds and thunderstorms, and infinite shades of green. That’s what I miss the most during the six-plus months of winter. Everything is gray, brown and black.

But never mind. Summer was a blast!

The all too brief season consisted of airplane flights and road trips. We racked up 13,000+ miles on the Mustang between June and September. Yep, you read that right. 13,000+.

Summer provided some unforgettable highlights. The most incredible for me was meeting and spending an evening with Dick Heller and having dinner at Brabo restaurant in Old Town, Alexandria, VA, which is featured in several scenes in the Rowan Milani Chronicles. If you don’t know who Dick Heller is, click the link and learn a little about a Second Amendment champion I’m so proud to call my friend.

Alas, it’s over now. On the bright side, I have no more distractions to drag me away from writing. Terminal Redemption is approximately three-fourths done and I’m inspired. Can’t wait to finish this tale and share it.

Stay tuned!

Next on my calendar is the Fall Into Books Event on November 9th, from Noon to 4 p.m. at the Museum of Visual Materials. The address is 500 North Main Ave, Sioux Falls, SD. Hope to see you there!

Happy Fall everyone!

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