About the Author

Mary Yungeberg


Mary Yungeberg has been a story teller all her life, with numerous freelance articles to her credit. Consummate Betrayal is her first thriller, followed by its sequel Unholy Retribution and A Different Man, all part of the Rowan Milani Chronicles.

Mary is passionate about inspiring women of all ages to live with purpose and pursue their dreams. She is a strong believer in empowering women to defend themselves. Not surprisingly, she considers her two Glock pistols an important part of that equation. You’ll often find her at a shooting range, honing her skills. She also enjoys a lifetime membership at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Nevada.

Mary has a deep respect for the Persian people and their culture, fostered by college friendships with students from Iran. She is particularly concerned for those imprisoned there because of their religious beliefs.

Mary is a resident of the great state of South Dakota. Her husband Ernie doubles as her best friend. They share a love of travel, good food and cruising in their Mustang convertible. Their lives are further enriched by Lucy, a naughty Rat Terrier who micromanages their household.