Time to relax…breathe…and enjoy life a little.


It’s the season of top down cruises on endless South Dakota backroads, enveloped by air that feels like warm bath water and has the aroma of fresh baled hay. It’s the season of sitting on Phillips Avenue in Sioux Falls, sipping a glass of wine, taking the time to catch up with friends.

It’s prime vacation time as well. Georgia in May gave me the opportunity to write, research and relax. Talk about perfect…

Early in June, we loaded up the Mustang and headed to the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado. First we spent a couple days in the Nebraska Sand Hills and in the Denver area with some extra special friends. 2600 miles later…it was an amazing trip!

I’m telling you, there’s something extraordinary about the San Luis Valley. The Sangre de Cristo mountain range, the Great Sand Dune National Park, the UFO Watchtower and Joyful Journey Spa are just a few of the things that make me want to go back.

For me, summer is also the continuing season of writing toward the finale of TERMINAL REDEMPTION. Right now it weighs in at approximately 100,000 words. It’s a complex tale and the story ROCKS!

You’ll be surprised, happy, and yelling “YES!!” with a fist pump in some spots. You’ll find yourself with a lump in your throat and blinking back tears in a few others. I know because I’ve laughed, cried, and been surprised, doing my best to follow along while the characters do their thing.

In a week I’ll be heading to our nation’s capital to participate in the DC Project, but more about that later!

Meanwhile, I’ll keep plugging away and keep you all updated on the story’s progress.

Enjoy summer, everyone!! IMG_2097

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