Enjoy Your Life

During our seven long months of unpredictable South Dakota winter weather, I worked on book #4. By mid-May I’d glommed together 31,000 or so words of the story.

Once the weather finally warmed up, my mind went blank. I couldn’t conjure up a single scene to continue the story. I’m a fairly introspective person, so I needed to figure out what was going on in my head. Had the story line run dry? Was it done? Over? Time to move on?

One thought kept returning, almost like a mantra, whispering across my mind while I was feeling unproductive, guilty, and half depressed. Enjoy your life.

Say what?

“I do enjoy my life,” I’d retort, yet the thought persisted. Enjoy your life. When I took the time to consider, I couldn’t get past the idea that God was trying to tell me that this summer was mine to simply enjoy. It was up to me to choose to either listen to or ignore the gentle, insistent voice.

Anyone who follows my Facebook page knows I chose to listen. And it’s been a glorious summer.

It was hard at first because being productive is an integral part of my sense of self-worth. I’ve always worked hard. In High School I had three part-time jobs. During my four years at Iowa State, I worked every summer. After that came a career, a family and several more careers. On and on it goes.

It’s called life.

A couple days ago, something changed. For kicks, and because I hadn’t thought about it in quite a while, I decided to reread what I’d written for book #4. As I read, all kinds of ideas fired in my mind. I wrote a pivotal scene. I’m excited about it, although it’s kind of terrifying and sad and sets the pace for the rest of the story.

It looks like my summer hiatus is over, although a couple more adventures are in the offing. By the time summer slides into fall and the first snowflakes arrive on a brisk, 30 mph breeze, I’ll be more than ready to continue the next installment of the Rowan Milani Chronicles.

Why share this?

It was a wise choice to listen to that still, small voice. Of course it always is, but often I’m so busy and harried and concerned with being productive, that I miss things. Since I love you all, I wanted to share this in case someone is hearing that insistent, gentle voice. If you are, give it a listen.

Enjoy your life.

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6 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Life

  1. Scripture often tells us that “Jesus went off to be alone.” And God gave us a Sabbath for a reason. So I think that’s where your still small voice comes from. I’m glad you listened,and glad to hear that you’re almost ready to pick up and get going again. Start gradually and keep listening. Love you!


    1. I love your wonderful insight and wisdom. Thank you. I will take it to heart, you can count on that. Love you too!


  2. Thank you for sharing Mary. I am at the opposite end. I AM enjoying my life because God told me a few years back to write a devotional book. Well due to life, health issues, disobedience, etc I did not. Now that I am “actively pursuing” writing, it has brought me much enJOY to my life. To God be the glory! I forgot how much joy writing brings me! You are and have often been a personal inspiration to me. Thank you Mary!


    1. He touches each of our lives according to His intimate understanding and love of each of us. His guidance is so special. Thanks for your kind words. I pray for our Lord’s richest blessing on your writing. I know how special it is both to you and the many people who will read it!


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