The War on Terror just got personal…

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  1. Hi Mary! It was interesting to see how your characters have changed over time, and I look forward to your next book! Like you, writing seems at times to be an out of body experience as my thoughts take over and often create something better and different than when I start the process. I often feel as though my writing is flowing out of me, which some find wierd. I often dream my writing, especially when I am working on some thing complex and/or important. Your new book cover sounds intriguing. Best wishes!


  2. Wow! What do I do for me. Not to much. When I can, I do some trigger time. Listen to my 17 yr. old twin girls tell all their secrets. What boys are hot. Try to go to reunions with my brothers from Nam who are dying off rather fast. I go to the casino to relax and donate. I am Chief cook and bottle washer. I take care of 57 yr. old wife who is Bi- Polar,Manic depression, COPD / Empazima and brittle bones. So I don’t have much time to deal with my PTSD.
    But life is good and God is awesome. Wish I had more time to read your books. I’m 4 books an 3 magazines behind.
    If you want to read my story Bob aka Robert K Brown
    SOF Magazine. September 2014 issue. It’s now going on
    12:50 am I have to get up in a few hrs Nice getting to know you.

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    1. Hello Ronald. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post. Sounds like you have more than enough to deal with. Thanks for sharing just a bit of your life. I will definitely look for your story. Take good care and stay in touch when you can.


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