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This past week I’ve spent hours and HOURS researching South Houston. My need to know included local airports, storage facilities for everything from semi-trucks to 40 foot containers, temps and humidity for the month of August, cheap apartment rentals, streets and freeways, distance and driving times from one place to another, and what time the sun sets in mid-August.

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Mary Yungeberg

Mary Yungeberg has been telling stories all her life, beginning with grade school friends who heard the tale of the pet whale living in her basement, followed by writing short stories in high school and college. She entertained her sons with bedtime stories about a little boy and his magic pony, progressing to freelance magazine and newspaper articles, as well as professional resumé writing.



Nicholas Guilak portrays the story’s hero, Rowan Milani, on the cover of Consummate Betrayal. Learn more about this gifted actor and wonderful friend.

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Consummate Betrayal is a book that in all honesty the cover does not give away anything of what lays beneath it. I don’t know quite how to say anything about this book without giving some of the story away. I have never read a book quite like it to be honest, it is in your face, gritty and to be honest some parts were hard for me to read without feeling uncomfortable and feeling great pain for the main character Rowan Milani.

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