Terminal Redemption

Rowan Milani is exonerated, free, longing only for peaceful solitude with Danielle Stratton, the woman he loves. Instead, he finds himself indebted to Johnny Giacopino, the world’s most dangerous and influential Mafia Don. They will partner in their own private war.

Meanwhile, ruthless foes have other plans for Rowan. Vindictive FBI Director Leigh Berenger wants him back in solitary confinement. Muslim Brotherhood kingpin Muusa Shemal will not stop until Rowan and Danielle are dead.

Drawn into conflict to defend Danielle, Rowan’s actions put in motion a cataclysmic series of events that spiral out of control, plunging him into a nightmare he can’t escape. While his friends work frantically to unravel the devastating results of his actions, the infamous Don devises a plan that will reap its own reward.

Redemption has many forms. TERMINAL REDEMPTION culminates in one explosive moment for the entire world to see and hear.

TERMINAL REDEMPTION is the fourth installment of the Rowan Milani Chronicles, followed by THE MAN BEHIND THE SHADOWS. The series begins with CONSUMMATE BETRAYAL, UNHOLY RETRIBUTION, and A DIFFERENT MAN.

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The fourth book in the Rowan Milani Chronicles.

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Nicholas Guilak is the talented actor, producer and screen writer who portrays Rowan Milani (the protagonist of the Rowan Milani Chronicles) on the cover of my thrillers. Nico has starred and appeared in a variety of feature films and TV shows. Check out his website for more information: NicholasGuilak.com