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jeep patriot-patience

September 02, 2015


So. I’m stuck driving our Jeep Patriot this week. Accelerating onto I-90 with the pedal to the metal, all four cylinders straining, it’s zero to sixty in five minutes, tops. Passing someone is an effort for my lethargic steed and I realize I’m navigating the interstate in the Prius of Jeeps. I have become the pokey Joe I usually can’t wait to pass.

The Mustang, better known as Blackie, is in the shop and I’m learning that patience is not my strong suit. Definitely not one of my major or even minor virtues. Since driving this week is simply a chore and not an adventure in speed, I’ve unplugged the music and tried to figure out if it’s too late for me to learn some of that elusive quality.

Further introspection reveals that my impatience has affected many areas of my life. They are too numerous and embarrassing to tackle in a short blog, but I’m always willing to share my thoughts and experiences over a cup of coffee or bottle of wine. Or courtesy of Instant Messenger. Suffice it to say, I’m working on acquiring more patience. Will it affect how I blast onto I-90 when Blackie is back? You never know what might happen. Or not.