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headin’ west!

September 24, 2015

blackie in the hills

This morning finds the Mustang (aka Blackie) wheels up, I mean revving it up along I-90, heading 395 miles west to Deadwood and the 2015 South Dakota Festival of Books. This is a most excellent event, providing a second to none venue connecting avid readers with an incredibly diverse group of talented authors. It’s always fun to be a part of the excitement. I’m looking forward to introducing scads of new readers to the Rowan Milani Chronicles – CONSUMMATE BETRAYAL, UNHOLY RETRIBUTION and, by year’s end – TERMINAL REDEMPTION.

I’m dragging my most wonderful friend Jane with me on this trip. It has become a tradition for her to help “man” my book table at the annual festival and I couldn’t ask for a more enthusiastic fan of my stories. Or a better traveling companion. Although, we did miss Wall on our last trip west for the festival. How does that happen, you ask?? I truly can’t say…

While in the Hills, we’ll find the time to cruise Spearfish Canyon with the top down, pay our respects to Mt. Rushmore, hopefully not in the dead of night while trying to figure out how we missed our turn…maybe even tackle the Needles Highway, and check out the Badlands on our way home. I do believe I’ll keep Blackie at the posted 80 mph speed limit on this trip. It’s tough to do, but easier on my wallet. Enough said about that!