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regarding september 11, 2001

September 21, 2015

gz lapel pin

Every time I see that date, pain spikes in my heart, sharp and hard. Still. Its intensity shocks me. A new paradigm has defined my life since that day, clearly dividing my days into pre- and post- 9/11. Maybe I’m crazy. Some may say I need to move on or get a life. Nevertheless, I see everything in my life through the prism of 9/11. And I always will.


jeep patriot-patience

September 02, 2015


So. I’m stuck driving our Jeep Patriot this week. Accelerating onto I-90 with the pedal to the metal, all four cylinders straining, it’s zero to sixty in five minutes, tops. Passing someone is an effort for my lethargic steed and I realize I’m navigating the interstate in the Prius of Jeeps. I have become the pokey Joe I usually can’t wait to pass.


throwback thursday

August 06, 2015


I love the concept of “Throwback Thursday.” It’s especially effective for my purposes today, reflecting on the fact that the last blog post I posted on my website was in December, 2014. Yikes! Hey everyone, I’m baaack! Continuing the theme of looking back…


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