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jeep patriot-patience

September 02, 2015


So. I’m stuck driving our Jeep Patriot this week. Accelerating onto I-90 with the pedal to the metal, all four cylinders straining, it’s zero to sixty in five minutes, tops. Passing someone is an effort for my lethargic steed and I realize I’m navigating the interstate in the Prius of Jeeps. I have become the pokey Joe I usually can’t wait to pass.


throwback thursday

August 06, 2015


I love the concept of “Throwback Thursday.” It’s especially effective for my purposes today, reflecting on the fact that the last blog post I posted on my website was in December, 2014. Yikes! Hey everyone, I’m baaack! Continuing the theme of looking back…


throwback thursday

December 04, 2014


One of the most enjoyable things about Facebook is perusing the pictures of times gone by that friends and acquaintances post every Thursday. I’ve enjoyed adding some of my own to the mix. For me, the memories evoked by the pictures I’ve found and posted on my timeline are great fun. Looking at the pictures posted by others gives me insight into where they’ve been and a little bit about how their past has shaped who they are now.


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