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enjoy your life

August 20, 2018


During our seven long months of unpredictable South Dakota winter, I worked on book #4. By mid-May I’d glommed together 31,000 or so words of the story. I figured it was approximately one-fifth completed.

Once the weather finally warmed up, my mind went blank. I couldn’t conjure up a single scene to continue the story. I’m a fairly introspective person, so I needed to find out what was going on in my head. Had the story line run dry? Was it done? Over? Time to move on?

One thought kept returning, almost like a mantra, whispering across my mind while I was feeling unproductive, guilty, and half depressed: Enjoy your life. 

Say what?


dc reflections

August 01, 2018


Fun, crazy, intense, fascinating, eye-opening, surprising, intriguing, exhausting, hate the Metro, love the history. Ever since I sank into my First Class seat at DCA, finally ready to head home, I’ve been trying to organize my thoughts on experiencing Washington, DC. I’ve decided it’s pretty much impossible and those thoughts will probably always remain, like that first sentence, a somewhat incoherent, colorful mess in my head.