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south dakota festival of books 2014

September 24, 2014

cover duo

It’s nearly the end of September and the annual “Festival of Books” in South Dakota is upon us! This is an event that brings authors, booksellers, publishers and readers from across the region to (this year) Sioux Falls. As most everyone knows, the location alternates between what those of us who call the state home know as West River, in the Black Hills and East River, in Sioux Falls. The river being the mighty Missouri, which bisects the state.


The Rearview Mirror

September 15, 2014

rearview mirror

This summer I spent many early evenings cruising the back roads in Blackie, our sleek Mustang convertible. Driving that car, with its eager, agile engine is one of my favorite activities. With the speedometer climbing, the wind whipping my hair and songs blasting from the stereo, it’s the perfect opportunity for thinking.