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hearts and minds

October 30, 2013

me and my glocks

Researching various aspects of both CONSUMMATE BETRAYAL and UNHOLY RETRIBUTION has given me the opportunity to chat informally with law enforcement officers in locales around the country as well as in South Dakota. I have profound respect for the men and women who don a uniform every day and take upon themselves, as their job, the enforcement of law in our chaotic, self-absorbed society. Yes, I understand that they choose to do so. Maybe it’s just that I’m amazed at their courage.


driving hard…and relaxing

October 10, 2013


Driving hard and pushing myself to accomplish something is what has always kept me going. Being productive is the only way I know how to feel good about myself. I cannot fathom living without a dream or goal out there…ahead of me, that I’m pursuing. Whether writing a book, showing my horse or striving to become physically fit, I need a goal. Without something to pursue, I slide rapidly into a funk.


mechanical things

October 03, 2013


Mechanical things always give me problems. The items in the picture are examples of tools I’ve learned to use, although it took me forever to figure out how to close the knife blade. Replacing the black rubber base on the 3-hole punch after clearing out the excess paper dots is still incredibly confusing. The manuscript of UNHOLY RETRIBUTION is no exception, which is why someone else is completing a final edit of the “mechanics;” things like missed quotes, whether or not to use a hyphen, an em dash, or is it an en dash? Appropriate capitalization is another thing. I’ve read the rules about all of the above and they are not clear to me. Not even close.