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September 26, 2013

directions to Epiphany

I’m sitting at my laptop sipping wine and trying to figure out whether Epiphany, South Dakota is actually a town, or if it’s the location of a historical marker where a town used to exist. It has an interesting history, about a Catholic priest/medical doctor who arrived in Epiphany in 1893 and built a laboratory from which he conducted research on how to cure skin cancer. I believe a road trip in the Mustang is in order. That would be one way to reach Epiphany. There are other ways as well…


from distraction to sequester

September 18, 2013

mustang in the black hills

For me at least, the very hardest part of writing a story, OK a book, and to be specific – UNHOLY RETRIBUTION – is at the very end. I am so ready to put it out there, and have endless scenes from the next book…and the next rolling around in my mind. They distract me from the fine tuning that is still necessary to create the best possible story.


unholy retribution - a sneak peek!

September 12, 2013

interior of G650

The line-by-line edit of UNHOLY RETRIBUTION is complete. It’s on to the next phase of editorial recommendations for revision and rewriting. This allows me to lose myself in what my editor called the incredibly real world inside the story. That gave me pause, because it had simply never occurred to me that it wasn’t a real world. To me, the characters are very much alive. I guess that must be a “writer thing.”  Meanwhile…here’s a scene from the first chapter. It doesn’t give too much away, but it sets the tone for the entire story. Photo credit goes to Gulfstream and it’s an image of the actual interior of a G650, which is where this scene takes place. Enjoy!


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