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don’t walk!

August 23, 2013

don't walk

Regarding that Don’t Walk orange hand sign. In New York it doesn’t mean Don’t Walk. It means, walk faster and watch out for road rage in taxi drivers. For my über conscientious husband, it was a constant annoyance. As he followed me and hoards of others across endless streets, I could hear him muttering, “Here we go again, breaking the law.”


in the clouds

August 09, 2013

a gorgeous morning

While walking the rotten little dog Lucy this morning, the sky was so beautiful I had to snap a picture. Trudging across the church parking lot as I headed for the park, staring up, it dawned on me how oblivious I had become to my surroundings. Normally I’m checking behind and around me all the time, mostly in case the neighborhood Pit Bull is loose again. Sally seems like a sweet dog, but her large jaws give me the shivers. If she perceives Lucy and me as a threat, I want to be prepared.