The Rowan Milani Chronicles Start Now...

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Hello everyone and happy Spring! Although it feels like summer with 90+ degree temps, I’m ecstatic. This winter lasted way too long in South Dakota. The best thing about our snowy, bitter cold months was the opportunity to get a great start on book number four in the Rowan Milani Chronicles. I’m at 31,000+ words and taking a break to enjoy the weather.

Feel free to check out my new blog site! I love sharing about the characters in my thrillers, as well as the other passions in my life and the Rowan Milani Chronicles Blog is the perfect spot for me to expound. I’m planning on a once/month blog during the warm months since it’s such a busy time of year. Hope to see you all there. Feel free to comment or ask any questions you have about CONSUMMATE BETRAYALY, UNHOLY RETRIBUTION, or A DIFFERENT MAN.