The Rowan Milani Chronicles Start Now...

regarding september 11, 2001

Every time I see that date, pain spikes in my heart, sharp and hard. Still. Its intensity shocks me. A new paradigm has defined my life since that day, clearly dividing my days into pre- and post- 9/11. Maybe I’m crazy. Some may say I need to move on or get a life. Nevertheless, I see everything in my life through the prism of 9/11. And I always will.

Many readers ask: “Why did you choose to write these particular stories? What inspired you?” I have to say, the events of 9/11 and the course of things in the intervening years became the driving force behind CONSUMMATE BETRAYAL, UNHOLY RETRIBUTION and TERMINAL REDEMPTION. This trilogy comprises the beginning of the Rowan Milani Chronicles.

The basic tenets of the stories began with a series of wide ranging thoughts. What if this happened? Then, what if this happened? And whoa, what if that happened?? My career in the airline industry with a United Express carrier gave me plenty of all too real scenarios for those thought processes. In addition, this career afforded up close and personal experience with the aftermath of 9/11, including the hastily cobbled together security procedures, the no-fly and watch lists, among myriad other unsettling, disturbing issues. These and more experiences served to shape my stories as well.

The accompanying image is a lapel pin I purchased from a street vendor near Ground Zero, in February 2002. During that trip, a friend and I met a New York police officer we refer to as our Angel. Our experience will be the subject of a future blog. Please read and ponder my stories and let me know what you think!