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crutches, wine and gratitude

Well, it’s back to crutches again, darn it. On November 17th I sprained my left ankle because I thought it necessary to shovel the feather light snow from our front porch and steps. It hurt too much to limp around on the bum ankle, so I gave in and got crutches from my doctor. However, after several days I felt certain they were no longer needed. Mostly, I didn’t want to go out in public, hobbling around with crutches. Now, the ankle hurts with every step, so I’ve started using them again.

On the bright side, I’m deep into Book #3, (tentatively titled Almighty Redemption) with over 35,000 words on the virtual pages of my laptop. That number translates into almost one-third of the way done. I can’t type fast enough. Scene after scene is rolling through my mind. As I type the characters take over and I’m surprised all the time. The separate story lines are beginning to intertwine and I can see the way clear to the ending.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope each and every one of you has a marvelous day with family and friends. And no, I will not be shopping on Black Friday! I will be hobbling along on my crutches, spending time with some amazing friends, enjoying copious amounts of good cheer and red wine. Most of all I will be full of gratitude for more things than I can count.