The Rowan Milani Chronicles Start Now...


So far I’ve been having an absolute blast working on book number three, which is the finale of the Rowan Milani Chronicles. At this point, the story includes thirty-one characters of note. Each one has a background, likes and dislikes, problems, dilemmas and flaws. I interviewed each one. It took approximately 40,000 words to complete that task, which translates into about eighty pages of work.

The process continues with the beginning of the story. I’m about 21,000 words into it and the twining together of the characters has begun. The plot and sub-plots unfold as the characters interact and express themselves. Hmm, how can I best express the process? It usually works like this – I type, the characters speak and I discover what is going to happen. The characters themselves determine the twists and turns of the story.

This third tale has yet to be titled, but I am leaning toward Almighty Redemption. Here’s a peek at the very beginning. I guess maybe it qualifies as a prologue, and it came to me all at once one afternoon. I jotted it down quickly, then refined it over a few days’ time. Please let me know what you think!

The words echoed in Rowan’s head. Redemption is yours, if you choose it. What did that mean? Buried deep in Tora Prison while the whole world thought he was dead, he knew all hope had gone. Lying in the filthy cell, tears stung his eyes and flowed hot and wet down his cheeks. He squeezed his eyes shut and mumbled, “I choose redemption. Please…”
In the spirit realm, angels rejoiced and demons ground their teeth. The evil one, roaming the earth creating mayhem and destroying whomever he could, found himself summoned to the throne of his creator. The Almighty addressed him. “My son Rowan has chosen. He is no longer yours to torment. Release him from your grasp.”
The evil one groveled before the throne. “He cannot have chosen you. I made certain that he would hate you forever. His mindset is some of my best work. I take great pride in what Rowan Milani has become.”
The eyes of the Almighty captured the evil one in their fiery gaze. Lightning flashed and danced around the throne. Above the plains of Egypt, meteors shot across the sky. “As all people are free to do, he has chosen me. Be gone from here.”
The evil one bowed low. “As you will it, of course. He is free.”
A paradigm shift occurred in the course of Rowan Milani’s destiny. A gate that had been locked and chained tightly closed sprung open. The lock lay destroyed, the chain broken in many pieces. Once opened, that particular gate could never be closed…unless Rowan himself chose to do so.
The evil one slunk away from the Almighty’s presence and summoned his demons. They would create such havoc that the man he’d taken immense pleasure in molding would reject the creator of the universe once again. The war for Rowan Milani’s soul was far from over.