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Consummate Betrayal is a book that in all honesty the cover does not give away anything of what lays beneath it. I don’t know quite how to say anything about this book without giving some of the story away. I have never read a book quite like it to be honest, it is in your face, gritty and to be honest some parts were hard for me to read without feeling uncomfortable and feeling great pain for the main character Rowan Milani. Having said that it is in no way a criticism of the author in fact it is just the opposite. Mary Yungeburg is an author that I would gladly read any books that she writes, she holds nothing back. It is nice to read about characters that have honour and care about others even if at first you think they are cold hearted and a jackass. The research that went into the book must have been enormous because the detail that is given is unbelievable. I honestly can not believe that this is her first book, if I had been given this book and not told anything about it I would have thought that she had been writing books for years. I can only wish to have the talent of this woman.Her characters are so real and believeable that you could almost believe that if you turned on a television you would hear about them in a news story. I have to admit I do not normally read this type of story. If it bites you or howls at you or falls from heaven or is set in Yester year then I am your girl but as a reviewer I am finding my tastes expanding and going into directions most interesting.If you love a story to have you on the edge of your seat at the turn of ever page then Consummate Betrayal is one book I would recommend that you add to your TBR list.
-The Scribe’s Library

Consummate Betrayal is an easy to read if broadly-drawn action thriller with lots of twists and turns. The novel reads like an action movie and it’s tempting to start casting it as you read. There’s definitely a lot going on here, but it never gets confusing. Plot ranks 4 out of a possible 5!
      - Writer’s Digest

Very well written and keeps your interest throughout the book…at times I could envision myself in the book…great job!

An enticing blend: a few parts cloak-and-dagger, a few parts intimacy, one part terror, a large measure of devotion, and a dash of pure evil. Well mixed and cleverly executed.

On September 11, 2001, the terrorist attacks on American Soil took us by surprise and to this day we still (as individuals) secretly profile others that appear to resemble the hijackers. This book is a must read, as it will clearly show another example of wrongful profiling with a twist.

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