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A Different Man Book Cover

A Different Man

A DIFFERENT MAN hurtles you around the globe, from the dark underworld of the terror masters to the international shakedowns of the mob, stretching to the wheeling and dealing of political corruption in America’s highest offices of government.

Deemed a terrorist, renditioned to Egypt’s Tora Prison and presumed dead, redemption is a far-off dream for Rowan Milani. Reality is a nightmare of cruel torture and unbearable suffering at the hands of Muslim Brotherhood operative, Muusa Shemal. If only he could undo the past, he’d be a different man.

After his colleagues perform a daring extraction, an ally emerges: the world’s most powerful, secretive Mafia Don. For reasons he’ll share only with Rowan, the Don manipulates the President, outwits Shemal, and thwarts the Texas legal system, securing Rowan’s exoneration and freedom.

When the Don shares his far-reaching plans, Rowan knows what he must do. But time is running out. Divergent forces search for him and he must act, or find himself once more in the hands of those who seek personal revenge, political justice, and his destruction.

A DIFFERENT MAN is the third installment of the Rowan Milani Chronicles, beginning with CONSUMMATE BETRAYAL and its sequel, UNHOLY RETRIBUTION.

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